Stop Underage Vaping

We aim to offer all adults the means to safely quit smoking and give them a choice to make their own decisions. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for underage vaping because we recognise that our products may, regrettably, have a broader appeal and a stereotype associated with them.

We make every effort to prevent underage vaping and effectively prevent minors from using our product offerings. Best4Vapes has implemented multiple initiatives to avoid youth vaping:

  • Using the best online age verification technologies, we make sure customers are of legal age. Every customer is verified by us, which has swiftly emerged as the industry standard for online vaping.
  • An established team for internal age verification keeps track of each order to ensure that it is not only genuine but also that the age is accurate.
  • We guarantee that the goods sold on our website adhere to TPD labelling standards for all packaging.
  • Store locations use Challenge 25 & check ID before a sale if you look under 25.

We firmly believe in giving adult smokers a substitute while preventing children from getting their hands on these items. We promise to always refrain from selling or marketing to children and continue going above and beyond what is necessary to prevent underage use. As the business evolves, we will keep bolstering our current actions to combat underage usage. The community we are building has limitless potential. We believe that vaping is a fantastic alternative to smoking and that our products improve people's lives. Once again, we appreciate your contribution to our community. We are excited to be travelling along on this adventure with you!