Vape & E-Cigarette Battery Safety

Any battery can be dangerous if not handled or cared for properly. You can use and charge your batteries safely while still getting the most out of them if you follow our recommendations for e-cigarette and vape battery safety.

E-Cigarette Battery Safety Guide

You may have read or heard news reports about e-cigarette battery explosions. Most of the time, it has been established that the wrong chargers were used, the goods were not authentic, or the batteries were not handled or maintained correctly. We ask that you read and abide by the following safety precautions because we want to make sure that our customers utilise our products safely.

E-cigarettes are only risky when not used, stored, or maintained correctly, just like other batteries or battery-powered equipment.

Lithium-ion Battery Safety

When handling and using lithium-ion batteries, always follow these strict safety precautions:

  • Never put loose batteries in your bags or pockets. Batteries can short out when they come into contact with coins, other batteries, and other conductive objects.
  • Never let a battery that is charging go unattended.
  • Do not combine various branded goods when charging batteries; only use the chargers or cords that are provided.
  • Always follow the directions or the recommended charging current on your device*.
  • Avoid overcharging batteries.
  • Keep batteries away from direct sunlight and never store them in harsh temperatures.
  • Never use a battery that is damaged in any way or that has been in contact with liquids.

*Best4ecigs products should only ever be charged at a maximum of 2.8V.

Only Use Charging Equipment Designed for Your Battery

The majority of e-cigarette accidents that have been in the press have been caused by utilising incorrect charging equipment. You may discover that the attachment on other manufacturers' chargers fits the battery on your device, but you should never use a charger other than the one that came with your e-cigarette. If you have two batteries with identical chargers, name them so that you know which is which.

Using Mains Adaptors to Charge Your Vape Batteries

Although mains adaptors for USB-powered gadgets are readily available, you should only use adapters with a 1 amp power output. The majority of mains USB adapters designed for use with smartphones and tablets are too powerful to charge e-cigarette or vape batteries without risking overheating the devices.

Make sure you purchase a mains adapter from a reliable brand or provider and that it has a power output of no more than 1 Amp/5 Volts if you intend to use it to charge your vape batteries.

Never Leave a Charging Battery Unattended

As with any rechargeable battery, never leave them charging unsupervised and never leave them charging overnight. While it is not required you do watch it constantly while charging, we advise that you periodically do so to be sure that nothing unusual is occurring (e.g. hissing or overheating). If anything unusual occurs while the battery is charging, remove it from the power source immediately (take care, the battery may be hot), and dispose of it properly.

Batteries are considered a hazardous material, so if you have one that has seen better days and is no longer able to hold a charge, make sure you properly dispose of it. You may look up the location of your nearby battery recycling facility here.

Do Not Overcharge Your Batteries

Overcharging your batteries is not only dangerous, but it can also cause them to malfunction. Once fully charged, be sure not to leave them plugged in.

Batteries should never be left overnight to charge.

Turn Off Your Vape Battery When Not in Use

Please keep in mind that this only applies to manual e-cigarette batteries. They don't need an on/off mechanism because they must be manually activated (you must inhale to activate the battery).

An essential vape battery safety feature is the ability to turn the battery off to prevent the button from being mistakenly pressed when not in use.

By quickly pushing the power button three or five times in a row, the majority of vape batteries can be locked or switched off. Typically, you can then repeat this process to unlock the battery. The associated instruction manual will have directions on how to carry out this task for your particular mod or kit.

Avoid Temperature and Light Extremes

Batteries shouldn't ever be subjected to high temperatures. Don't leave them in the car for an extended time on a hot or extremely cold day, and avoid leaving them in the sun.

Never Use a Battery That Appears Damaged or Has Been In Contact With Liquids

Never use a battery that has been in contact with moisture or water. Check your e-cigarette batteries frequently, and if any damage is discovered, properly dispose of them.

When you drop your battery or vape kit, pressure may build up inside the battery, which might cause it to overheat or explode. If you dropped your battery or vape kit, check it for damage. If you have any doubts, don't use it and buy a new one.

Guidelines From The Office For Product Safety Standards

You can find more information on e-cigarette & vape battery safety on the website.