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Damaged or Faulty Items

Please try not to receive or sign for an item that is visibly damaged.

Please be aware that if any product is delivered "Dead on Arrival" (DOA), we ask that you get in touch with customer support immediately.  This is particularly important for disposable goods like clearomizers, cartomizers, and wick & coils as they are not covered by warranties due to their disposable nature.

Shortfalls in the order as well as claims for damaged or faulty items will be handled within 5-7 working days after notification. The cost of returning the products to us through Royal Mail delivery alone will be reimbursed to the Buyer. In the event that the returned products are lost in the post, we will not be held liable. Items received in damaged condition must be notified within five days after delivery.

All returned goods must be repackaged to the same level of protection as when the Buyer originally received them. Poorly packaged returned items that are damaged in transit will NOT receive a refund and will be returned to the buyer.

All returns must be accompanied by a Returned Authorisation Form that has been fully filled out and includes the Buyer's Full Name and Address (this is the name that is listed on the Invoice), a daytime telephone number, the Invoice Number, and a brief explanation of the issue that needs to be handled. By contacting customer care at the number or email shown on our About Us page, you can request a Returns Authorisation Form.


We reserve the right to remove or amend any materials or content on this website at any time, as well as to withdraw any products from our website. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to process a transaction for any reason or to refuse service to any individual at any time. The removal of any product from best4vapes.uk, regardless of whether it has been sold, the editing or removal of any materials or descriptions on the website, the refusal to process a transaction, or the cancellation or suspension of a transaction after processing has started, will not subject us to liability to you or any third party.


The website specifies the price that must be paid for the goods. Although best4vapes.uk makes every effort to ensure that all prices are accurate, products can be misplaced on occasion. Due to increases in supplier prices, the implementation of taxes and customs, or mistakes when the price is disclosed to you, we reserve the right to make modifications. We will provide you with the accurate information and a cancellation window.


If there is a shortage of inventory, best4vapes.uk has the right to cancel the order. If the items are not supplied, you are entitled to a full return of any money you have already paid. However, if we fail to deliver your goods, best4vapes.uk is not responsible for any further losses you may incur.


best4vapes.uk has made every effort to ensure that all product descriptions and images are as accurate as possible. The publisher (best4vapes.uk) cannot be held liable for the accuracy or authenticity of product descriptions and images that are provided to us by manufacturers or our wholesalers, despite the fact that we have taken great care in creating these descriptions. Detailed specifications can be found on the manufacturer's websites or in brochures. best4vapes.uk may include links to third-party websites over which we have no control. We will not be held responsible for the informational accuracy or content of these websites. best4vapes.uk makes no guarantee to update or maintain the website.


All content on the website, including the underlying source code, text, graphics, and layout, as well as all other material, is the property of best4vapes.uk, its affiliates, or their content providers. b est4ecigs.uk strictly prohibits any use of the materials, including their replication, reproduction, or copying of the text, visuals, content, or structure. Without best4vapes.uk's prior written consent, it is explicitly prohibited to distribute or publish any content.


These terms are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. Any and all disputes relating to these terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the district courts of the United Kingdom.


The use of this website by you is subject to the following terms and conditions, which, if read in full, represent the whole agreement between you and us. This agreement governs your use of this website and supersedes any prior understandings. best4vapes.uk maintains the right to change these terms and conditions at any moment, and any changes made after they are published take effect straight away.


We must warn you about the following for your complete safety and security:

Pure nicotine is toxic when consumed in sufficient amounts. It's considered a poison.

Please read the following information carefully and take all necessary steps to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

WARNING: keep products out of sight and reach of children

Please treat this product with the utmost care and ensure that you adhere to the following advice:

  • Keep e-liquids locked up, out of reach of children and animals at all times.
  • Seek medical advice immediately if this product is swallowed.

General guidance and advice:

  • Nicotine is highly toxic
  • Nicotine is very addictive
  • It causes a danger of serious damage to health
  • May cause harm to the unborn child - do not use if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding
  • Vapour may cause irritation to eyes and skin
  • Vapour may cause drowsiness or dizziness
  • If contact is made with skin, wash immediately and thoroughly with soap and water
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek full medical advice without delay
  • Cartridges or unused e-liquid material and their containers must be disposed of in a safe way with due care to both man and the environment


To avoid risk to man and the environment, comply with the following instructions for use:

  • Not to be used by anyone under the age of 18
  • Not to be used by people who demonstrate sensitivity to nicotine
  • Not to be used by people with heart conditions/unstable heart conditions
  • Not to be used by people with blood pressure problems
  • Not to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Keep your electronic vaporising device locked away at all times
  • The amount of nicotine in one cartridge if ingested by a small child could cause serious harm. In this case, medical assistance must be sought immediately without delay
  • E-liquids may contain traces of nuts

NOTE: Battery Safety

  • Use special caution when working with Lithium-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explore or burn if mishandled
  • Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use
  • Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface
  • Never leave charging batteries unattended
  • Never continue to use an e-cigarette type device if you can feel the battery getting hot. If your battery becomes hot to the touch, or if it begins smelling: turn the device off immediately.  Let it cool down (outside preferably) on a heat proof surface, and then dispose of safely, or contact customer services, if still under warranty.
  • Ensure you always use the chargers that is specified for your device only.

If the batteries or charges are altered in any way, including pack making, best4vapes.uk disclaims all liability for any resulting damage. We disclaim any liability for harm brought on by improper use or handling of lithium-ion batteries and chargers. Any permanent or temporary damage, injury, or defect resulting from the usage of any batteries is not our responsibility or liability.