Looking After Your E-Cig & Vape Batteries

The batteries in your e-cigarettes and vapes need to be treated with care. They will not only perform better as a result of this, but they will also endure longer. This equates to more time spent smoking and less money spent on new devices or part replacements.

Before using any e-cig or vape goods, please read our information on E-Cigarette & Vape Battery Safety.

Clean the Battery Contacts Regularly

The best thing you can do to maintain e-cigarette batteries is to clean the contacts. Small particles of e-liquid and debris from pockets or bags can amass in the battery's screw component over time. If you see a green buildup around the battery screw, this is usually the result of debris reacting with the battery.

To properly maintain e-cigarette batteries, we advise routinely cleaning the contacts. Giving them a quick clean every time you put one on charge has shown to be a successful approach to establishing this habit. This will help keep your charger clean and clutter-free in turn. Batteries that have stopped operating are periodically returned to us by customers, but most of the time, we give them a good cleaning, and they start working again.

Simply wipe inside and outside of the battery's screw piece with a screwed-up piece of dry tissue paper or a cotton wool bud to clean the contacts.

Never use water to clean your e-cigarette batteries.

Keep Batteries Out of Sunlight & Extreme Temperatures

Exposure to temperature extremes can be risky for any battery type. Keep your vape batteries out of direct sunlight and from getting too cold when you're not happily puffing away.

Mark Your Batteries So You Know When To Replace

To remember the date a battery was purchased, many of our customers use stickers or pens to mark them. This is a great idea because it will let you know when a battery is growing old and may need to be replaced.

Don't Overcharge Your Batteries

When your batteries are fully charged, try to avoid leaving them plugged in because this might lead to degradation. Our Best4ecigs Classic 320 Battery Pole's LED will remain lit as it charges and turn off once it is fully charged.

Never leave a battery connected or unattended while it is charging for an extended period of time.

Store Your E-Cig Batteries Carefully

To help keep your e-cigarette batteries clean and secure while not in use, we advise putting them in a case or a zip wallet if you are carrying several.

Turn Off When not In Use

Some kits have on/off switches that let you avoid unintentional activation, whether they're in a bag or pocket. Make sure to use this to maintain battery life and for safety concerns. Press the button quickly and repeatedly 5 times to turn your battery on or off. To show whether the button has been activated or deactivated, the LED will blink 3 times.

Stock Up On Spare Batteries & Chargers

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